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PRKinexions Canada is a pilot project developed by public relations students in Western Canada as a portal to highlight public relations in our country. As anyone who studies public relations knows, the field is influenced by such things as political systems, activism, culture, economic environment and media systems (Sriramesh & Verčič, 2001). 

There are nuances of practice around the world. Public relations audiences, both at home and abroad, can enter here and discover public relations in Canada – programs, organizations, industry trends, news, etc. by following our many links and resources. We hope it will be useful to students, academics and industry professionals and grow to provide a holistic picture of public relations education, scholarship and practice in Canada.

This site will be maintained by students and regularly updated. We invite your comments, feedback and suggestions by emailing us!

Our long-term vision is to connect around the world! We invite public relations students from other countries to build similar sites that highlight public relations in their own countries (PRKinexions: Spain, PRKinexions: Columbia, PRKinexions: South Africa, etc.) and connect their sites with ours, to create a web of public relations networks from around the world.


We invite you to connect! Please contact us for brand guides, logo permissions or anything else you may need.


Sriramesh, K., & Verčič, D. (2001). International public relations: A framework for                       future research. Journal of Communication Management, 6(2), 103– 117.

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