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Welcome to PRKinexions

We are a group of PR students in Canada who designed this website as part of a class project. We are excited and pleased to serve as the founding team of PRKinexions: Canada. We have carefully curated public relations content that highlights public relations education, scholarship and practice in our country, with many links and resources, and are pleased to share it with you. Take a trip across our country to see our many educational programs, national trends, scholarship, and professional organizations.

During this process, not only did we develop some valuable PR skills like working from a project brief, logo creation, web creation, and correspondence with external stakeholders, we have also learned so much about PR in our own country. We have many PR and communications programs for students both domestic and international. There are many professional organizations that provide networking opportunities to link practitioners from sea to sea. We have academics who are developing scholarship about public relations in Canada, adding to the global scholarship of public relations practice around the world.

Whether you are a student looking for a program or PR scholarship, a professional wishing to expand your knowledge about PR in Canada, or an academic interested in the PR scholarship in/about our country, PRKinexions: Canada was designed with you in mind.

Where is this project going? We hope this portal will not only connect students, professionals, and academics across Canada, it is our hope that other PR students in other countries will “catch the vision” and create their own websites to share about PR in their own countries and link to ours. Together, we can showcase and experience PR around the world through a web of communications. If we can help you with this, we are happy to share our experiences and provide support. Please feel free contact us at for questions and logo permissions. We’d love to connect!

PRKinexions: Canada imagined by:

Sandra Braun, PhD

Created by:

Theresa Ranallo

Victoria Carter

Robyn Ferguson

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